The need for a new social algorithm

The new code of values


We are experiencing a great generational transition, presenting a rare opportunity to act in a structural way for the future of humanity.

The future is the true north for our actions taken in the here and now. The present is a vast field, with countless opportunities for us to grow, act and accomplish.

Each generation is responsible for the future of the next ones, and their actions are usually guided by the perpetuation of advances and improvement of the quality of life.

However, at each cycle of civilisational history, we are faced with moments when structural transformations are necessary, including the reformulation of the values that govern how societies organise themselves and address the issues of their time.

The 20th century bequeathed an unprecedented reality in terms of social, economic, and technological advances. At the same time, it jeopardised the continuity of life on the planet and the peaceful coexistence of a society that presents a wide disparity in opportunities.

However, for the first time we have the possibility to really integrate an entire generation spread across the planet to build this transition.

It is necessary to take advantage of this extraordinary moment to act.

The Great Transition of our Time

The six elements that sustain the shifts of the enormous generational transition underway in our society, that are transforming the reality in which we all are inserted, bringing on one side massive challenges for humanity that must be faced by the new generations as opportunities to transform and to carry out the construction of a superior reality for the 21st century.

Our Expectation

Where the generational transition of wealth and knowledge is recognised as the main factor in advancing society.


Young people from leading business families have the opportunity to bring about positive change in the world and need to occupy their place in society as protagonists in the formulation of desirable realities and to put forward the greatest intergenerational pact for a future we can all be proud of.

Redrawing the lines of human dignity, redefining standards of quality of life, regenerating biomes and biodiversity, caring for the planet, and ensuring freedom on a grand scale is what minds of the 21st century aspire to and must seek to achieve.

More than producing economic and financial wealth, the values of the new times require the ability to build new ethics that translate and outline new codes of living, coexisting, learning and achieving, having technology as an instrument of development, distribution of benefits and production of all kinds of value.

Young people are guardians of a legacy of generations and are also builders of another one. As members of the new generations of families linked to entrepreneurial activities, they are a fundamental part of the path that leads to prosperous global development in the 21st century.

Young people who live immersed in the Dynamics of Wealth and the responsibility for their place in the world is part of our mission.

The role of young leaders as the creative minds of the 21st century


If this

By ultra-qualifying young people from new generations of business families, through the transfer of knowledge from world leaders who have made real contributions to global development,

Then that

they will direct their personal power and wealth to spearhead the construction of a more prosperous and peaceful society.