Our mission is to collaborate in building together a world that we can all be proud of.


The current times demand skilled debates on universal values, ethics, and new economic approaches to the global thriving. All the more reason why it is high time for an ultra-qualified, more aware, and dynamic generation that gives rhythm and speed to build a reality we all can be proud of.

Legado - The Global Legacy Programme is a personalised qualification journey for young people from the world's leading business families that places wealth dynamics at the centre of the learning path.

A unique experience with excellence and intelligence, individual guidance, networking, contact with global leaders, and multidisciplinary content.

It seeks to inspire young leaders to exercise their power to fulfill their role of realising an extraordinary future for themselves, their families, their businesses and, also for society.

What we want, finally, is to form a generation of ultra-qualified leaders, willing to reconnect with their visionary and entrepreneurial potential, who can masterfully take the lead in building a future that we can all be proud of.

To this end, Legado is convening a global platform of young adult members in key countries around the globe to discuss political, social and economic paths and their role as future leaders. The ones who, together, have the opportunity to lead the greatest transformation the planet has ever experienced in their hands.



Rogatis is the company that created, developed, and implemented the Global Legacy Programme. Created in Brazil in 2010, it has the purpose of producing intelligence in education for people, families, organisations, and societies that live the Dynamics of Wealth.

The company, founded and led by educator Dani Rogatis, develops learning routes specially designed to redefine wealth and qualify young people with excellence, ensuring that participants in each learning path become aware, instrumentalised, and strengthened to play their transforming roles in society.

Intelligence in education for young people who live immersed in the dynamics of wealth.

Work Ethics

Our Core Values


Characteristic of what is rare, singular, which stands out for its quality and which is worthy of admiration for the achievements it reaches. ​


It is the pinnacle of the human condition. It represents the highest civilizational stage and that we need to fight in order to achieve it. It is the expression of personal strength.


The ability of integrating information, perceptions, impressions and meaning into something concrete and complete. Everything that, being honest, does not accept corruption. Since it is connected to the whole, it does not break with its values.


Everything that has a certain harmony characterized by the lightness and ease in form and movement. It is the attribute of being effective and simple. It is beauty that shows unusual effectiveness and simplicity.


Life is a continuous journey of encounters. All of them with value to our life and achievements. Life is built on a system of loyalties and bonds of mutual trust in a long-term perspective. It is the recognition of the priceless value of people. Deep respect for the talents that join us, adding their personal wealth to our achievement effort.


Conservative, far-reaching management. We work in collaboration and in the hierarchical trust only in defining strategic priorities.

Code of Ethics

We are strictly commited to the rule of Law and democratic values.

We are strictly neutral on political issues, with no affiliation with any partisan, ideological, or religious groups.

We are strictly neutral in our relationship with civil society and movements and organizations. We are not affiliated with any of them.

We value life, peace, freedom, and the recognition of our uniqueness as human beings, regardless of color, race, religion, gender and social, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

Our work is based on the practice of an individual, community and global “ethic of responsibility” to foster proper prosperity, global in scale.

Legado is financed by the young members who take part in our learning journey and by our fellowship program.

Legado does not have any commercial affiliation and does not accept sponsors of any kind.

Founding Principle

We value Life, and consequently we value the sublime side of human nature, mind, and ability. We value our home, and consequently we work to protect and preserve our planet.

We honour our origins and our history and we therefore value the concept of family as being central for human development and recognize our civilised backgound trajectory as the greatest achievement of humanking.

We value the great minds and entrepreneurs of humanity that represent human efforts to improve life on planet Earth and thus we value knowledge and science.

We value human desire and ability to create a constant growing, civilised order, and we therefore value peace and properity.

We believe that all our founding values combined represent the greatest human wealth of the 21st century.

Offices and Contact

SP Office

Rua Ceará, 144
+55 11 972836660
São Paulo - Brasil

NY Office

Rogatis Challenges of Wealth LLC
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New York City - USA

Zurich Office

Maria Affonseca Vogt
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