A set of initiatives, combining five disruptive educational technologies specially designed with a joint mission to guarantee a successful and peaceful global generational transition and collaborate in building a 21st century reality that we can all be proud of.
Founder’s Letter

I often refer to LEGADO - The Global Legacy Programme as the 21st Century Moonshot.

This term Moonshot originated when the United States decided to take Man to the Moon for the simple reason that they knew they would be able to by dedicating themselves to building the radical solutions necessary for such enterprise. To the same extent, the challenges that humanity faces at the beginning of this century demand a similar attitude: to look at things not through difficulties, but from viable dreams and ideals that have the power to move society towards the future.

With this inspiration, Legado – The Global Legacy Programme, an unprecedented and pressing initiative, has been undertaken by me since 2014, alongside former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, using innovative technologies to address radical solutions to two issues that combined have the power to bring the solutions we need: the Re-signification of Wealth in the 21st century and the Role of Youth in the Development of their Countries.

This combination makes the responsibility for the future essentially fall to a special group of young people who live in scenarios of opportunities and dynamics of wealth. Due to their proximity to business and investment activities they play a central role in fostering the new reality of the century that is just beginning. Over the years, we have invited and placed these young Brazilians in contact with each other and with the great world minds that have undertaken the ecosystems that will sustain the productive matrix of the 21st century and we have equipped them with methodology to follow step by step in the construction of their achievements.

The relevance of our initiative in Brazil motivated us to go further: qualify the new generation on a global scale and for that purpose a set of organizations needed to be put together to help foster this endeavor.

Since 2021, Legado Household initiative integrate young people around the world. We are sure that they are the central part of the solutions for the future as this group has the power to inspire an entire generation, bringing the necessary advances to the planet. And there is no better moment to be that young person.

Current challenges create opportunities for this entire generation to find areas of personal fulfilment and impact in the transformation of their societies and countries and to be part of the solution to global issues, leaving behind the disheartening prospect that the world will remain “too slow for too long”. And we will only move faster with a spirit of intergenerational encounter, which the Legado initiatives manages to provide.

Legado seeks to be the Moonshot of this new generation, confirming the youth spirit that the dreamed reality is possible and can be achieved.

Welcome to Legado – The Global Legacy Household

Dani Rogatis

Five EDtechs

Legacy for Global Youth

Elite Youth and the Develop of Nations

The Global Legacy Programme

Value Creation Ecossystem

Intergenerational Pact

Legacy for the
Global Youth
Elite Youth & the Develop of Nations
The Global Legacy Programme
Value Creation Ecosystem
Intergenerational Pact (Alliance)
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Legacy for the Global Youth: Technology developed to organize, manage and coordinate practical use of the unique knowledge gathered from the exceptional legacies of leaders from relevant sectors of the lives of nations, communities, and organizations, in order to offer the new generations, references, and guidance to advance in the formulation of desirable futures starting from the learnings gathered in the creation of previous civilizatory advances that enable a peaceful development of societies.

Elite Youth & the Develop of Nations: Technology that supports the strengthening of youth leadership in each nation, recognizing their role as the main protagonist in designing the essences, values, and innovative practices of each Generation, na action of great relevance, since this new sense of reality will define the success of societies in the 21st century.

The Global Legacy Programme: Technology developed to deliver the learning Journey to qualify the next generation of the world's leading business families, dedicate their efforts in creating productive ecosystems that enable the advancement of society.

Value Creation Ecosystem: Technology for mapping, ordering, and facilitating the approach of new generations to the productive areas of the 21st-century economy they will be the basis for value generation and prosperity in our time as well as offering guidance and pratical instruments consistente with the new values and ideals of societies and the innovative connection between the tangible and intangible heritage of nations and the opportunities for work and prosperity for the new generation.

Intergenerational Pact (Alliance): Technology that enables intergenerational dialogue, helping young members of the new generation to work with great visionary minds of world leaders that are bearers of exceptional legacies in their nations. (By jointly defining the values, dreams, and projects that can support the development of a more prosperous and peaceful society in these first decades of the 21st century. This dialogue between different generations has the potential to equate understanding between the past, present and future).

Founded in 2014 by Dani Rogatis and former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso for Brazil’s future leaders, the program has evolved in 2020 in to a permanent learning platform and a global household initiatives.

Dani Rogatis

Dani Rogatis is an educator specialised in the challenges and dynamics of wealth, with years of experience dedicated to researching and assisting global, intergenerational transitions, and the roll of young elite in the development of countries. Focusing on the power of ultra-specialised areas of knowledge that are central to the challenges of our time, Daniela has pioneered the development of educational technologies to ultra-qualify the younger generations of leaders of the most prominent business and investment families of the private sector, strengthening leadership from the young in Brazil by showing them how they can – and must – be at the centre of the solution to the challenges we face as a society.

Fernando Henrique Cardoso

President Fernando Henrique Cardoso became a pioneer in the global conversation by being the first former President of a nation to devote himself to a structures and systematic agenda, in a long-term commitment to the future of his country, making it one of his priorities to ultra-qualify a new generation of leaders for the role they need to play in the 21st century. President Cardoso has been an inspiration for Brazilian youth with the assuredness that the efforts needed vastly improve the situation for our country and for the global society are always worthwhile. President Fernando Henrique Cardoso is one of the greatest intellectuals to ever come out of Brazil in recent history. He is recognised for his unique, and extensive knowledge of both Brazil and its people, as well as his long career as a sociologist and his insightful thoughts on global development and democracy – mindsets that trigger deep debates about the values that are needed to guide youth in creating a new social algorithm and implementing a new code of ethics for the future.

History of Legado - The Global Legacy Household:

A long-term commitment to the new generations.

Legado Household is an initiative founded in 2014 by former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso and educator Dani Rogatis, as a permanent platform of monthly conversations among over 300 members of Brazil’s best and brightest, fostering a new generation of leaders for the real challenges of our nation, beyond political and partisan biases.

The main purpose of LEGADO was to prepare a select group of young adult members of Brazilian Business Families for their role in the changes that Brazil must undertake should it be up to the global dynamics of the 21st century. In its initial experience, LEGADO focused on providing young adults with insights about their role in shaping the future of our country, as well as the challenges entailed by the quest for change, not only in therealm of their own businesses, but also in the realm of social, political, economic, and cultural advances, always with a core commitment to the preservation of Planet Earth and Brazil’s role as a key shaper of global sustainability.

After seven years of continuous work on a national platform, LEGADO went global after standing up to the challenge of bringing about meaningful engagement towards the environmental, social, political, and economic transformations the world is experiencing at the beginning of this century. Pitching a reinvention of what concepts such as an adequate standard of living or human dignity mean, LEGADO has been trying to shed light on the strategic and moral value of protecting biomes and biodiversity and regenerating its previous degradation around the globe, a crucial pathway towards ensuring food and water security in a global scale, as well as the preservation of freedom and peace. The challenges of the 21st century is intertwined and complex. They require combined talents and joint globally collaborative forces in unprecedented human integration, which is only possible through the commitment of a generation in favor of the values and causes that preserve life on Earth and the commitment to create a new approach for sustainable prosperity.

The current times demand skilled debates on universal values, ethics, and new economic approaches to global thriving, all the more reason why it is high time an ultra-qualified,more aware, and dynamic generation that gave rhythm and speedy to build a reality we all can be proud of.

To foster this endeavor, we bet on ultra-qualifying young members of new generations of private sector business families with the knowledge conveyed by world leaders, bearers of exceptional legacies who have materialized their contributions to global development in their time and can now inspire the global new generation to direct personal potential combined with its multiple resources to take the lead in shaping a more prosperous and peaceful society.

To this end, LEGADO, has formed a Household of initiative to support a global platform of 200 young adult members in key countries around the globe to discuss political, social, and economic paths, as well as the role that they, as future leaders of the private sector, willneed to play and to coalesce a view of global development, for the members of the group and a vision of their role in accelerating the progress we need to see, worldwide.

LEGADO is a call to the global new generation to become highly qualifified for the role and responsibilities of those who have the opportunity to lead the greatest transformation the planet has ever experienced in their hands.